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BULLE 2022 // Grand Opening - Party package

The party package includes:

4x free entry to the Partystadl (26. - 29.05.)

4x free drinks in the Partystadl (1x per evening)

1x ticket for the Grand Opening concert at Megapark Dolphin (27.05.) + 1/2 hour free bar + t-shirt

1x ticket for the foam party (28.05.) + 1 hour free bar

1x ticket for the "Frühschoppen" party with free beer + VIP band + Fastline

-20% discount on all dishes in the Partystadl and Sombrero Restaurant for all 4 days

*Early bird price only for the first 150 party packs

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Megapark Dolphin is located at the heart of the party in Golden Sands. You will easily find it - just follow the crowd!

Megapark Dolphin is the largest party facility in Golden Sands. It is located at 100 m from International Hotel, right in front of Gladiola. It contains 2 bars, a swimming pool with more than 100 chaise longues, a Mexican restaurant and 6 VIP pavilions. The bars offer 24-hour happy hour with cocktails for every taste.

The parties here are endless - the daily after-beach parties often turn into night DJ parties with a lot of music. This is also the place where the Golden Sands high-light parties take place twice a week - two-hour foam parties. The main feature of the summer are the day IBIZA COMING parties, which are held only 4 times a year and attract more than 2,000 people at the craziest party you have ever seen.


Megapark Dolphin team welcomes you!